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Dec 7, 2012 7:00am PST
properly cooked. >>> investigators in new mexico trying to figure out how a loaded gun ended up in a frozen package of meet. it was a semi-automatic pistol packed inside of a shipment of frozen meet. -- frozen meat. police say the pistol had not been reported. >> we could speck lay on a lot of things. it can have been someone just dropped it there -- speculate on a lot of things. it could have been something that someone just dropped there or -- it could be a hundred different things. >> police say the worker cleaned off the gun about turning it over to the police which will make it harder to trace for evidence. there are some clues. investigators know the meat came from colorado and that it was packaged in june of 2011. >>> a nevada woman is recovering from milds from bite after being lost for six months in the remote area of the sierra. paula lane's brother found her crawl iance long the road in alpine valley wednesday night. she and her boyfriend were sight-seeing last week when the car got stuck. her boyfriend got out to find help but never returned. she then got out and found he
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
have new information about the owner of the plane that crashed in mexico that killed jenni river a. she and six others died on sunday. their jet crashed in the rugged hills of northern mexico. that plane is reportedly linked to a troubled company and an exive accused of faking safety records of the planes that he bought. there are also reports that rivera was in the final stages of buying the plane that crashed. >>> a filed lawsuit is blaming the captain but it's targeting the owner of a boat in that deadly accident off the islands in april. five people died when the yacht ran into heavy waves during the race. one of the family members filed a lawsuit alleging that the dead captain caused the tragedy because he cut corners during the race. the lawsuit is against the yacht owner james bradford who lived. >> san francisco's bridge movie is theater will soon close its doors. the theater first opened on gary boulevard in 1939. it'll show its last movie at the end of the month. the bridge is the second landmark owned theater to close in the last three months. in september another one ca
Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
spent yesterday moving boxes, getting ready for a new session on monday. the legislature includes 38 new people. >> in mexico the president is being sworn in today returning the pri party to power after 12 years. he has promised a transparent government that will put in reforms but some in mexico fear a return to the corruption that existed when they controlled mexico for seven decades. the vice president is expected to be present at the inauguration. >>> the government of bangladesh plans to offer compensation to the families of the 125 people who died last week in a fire. officials say the factory lacked emergency exits trapping workers inside. >> a salon that was the scene of a deadly shooting is scheduled to reopen today. three employees were shot and killed at the salon in brookfield wisconsin before the gunman took his own life. one of the victims was the shooter's estranged i.e. we are very excited, and very much looking forward to starting the healing process and in doing so we need to reopen the doors and get back together with our clients. >> it's the first time the owner and e
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am PST
wednesday after going for a swim in mexico. she just got married in july. >>> berkeley fire department has a new leader this morning. chief debra priers retired after 27 years with the department. she broke numerous barriers. the 51-year-old was berkeley's first female firefighter, its first female chief, and the second black female fire chief in the country. the newlywed wants to spend more time with her husband. deputy chief gill dong will leave the department temporarily. >>> and would-be parents here in the bay area are still holding out hope that somehow they are going to be able to adopt children from russia. that is despite a new law just signed by russian president vladimir putin. he signed it yesterday, banning american families from making adoptions. in san francisco, a woman who asked us not to identify her is already halfway through the adoption process and she says she is not giving up. there is a 3-year-old girl waiting for her at a russian orphanage. >> i love my daughter very much. i miss her. i want to be reunited with her and i want to bring her home. >> sh
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4